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Important news will be posted here.
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Thread: Yes! We're back!
Posted by: Grabarz

Forum moderator: JeeTz
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Thread: Last post wins!
Posted by: Pleiades
Members forum
Private forum for members.
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Thread: Clash of Clans "rules" for members
Posted by: Flipse
Promotions & Demotions
Promotions, demotions, kickouts and leavings will be listed here!
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Thread: i also gone leave the clan
Posted by: Rio
General Discussion
Regular discussions!
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Thread: my pc
Posted by: XRumerTest
Help & Guides
Share your problems and we will help! Guides & cfg's will be posted here!
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Thread: Help
Posted by: Stoned
Suggestion Box
Do you have good ideas that could improve this clan? Post it here!
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Thread: Update the roster
Posted by: imsozz
All Announcements here!
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Thread: He's Back!!!!!!
Posted by: TEXHO
Group Black
Forum for group Black, lead by Watukka.
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Thread: Cleaning
Posted by: JT
Other Games
The place to discuss all the other games!
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Thread: amazing games
Posted by: Twisterxz
Group Blue
Forum for group Blue, lead by iPaul, Zletozen & Wiking
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Thread: Activity check
Posted by: wiking
Group Green
Forum for group Green, lead by Tomasz, Malicious & Shadoxzz
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Thread: Activity check
Posted by: MaliciouS
Group Yellow
Forum for group Yellow, lead by Pleiades, Ryo & xXx
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Thread: Activity Check
Posted by: Marx
Group Orange
Forum for group Orange, lead by Dime, BloodyMary & Control
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Thread: Welcome back :D
Posted by: Pleiades
ETpro members
Private forum for ETpro members
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Thread: training!?
Posted by: lowrider
ETpro Recruitment
Want to join our Etpro team? Post your application here!
Forum moderator: sadFace, Mostafa
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Thread: Maybe
Posted by: Mostafa
Want to join International Army? Apply here!
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Thread: Grabarz Want Back
Posted by: GarikDus

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